How Impulsive Teen Behavior Can Be a Precursor to Addiction

By Christa Banister It’s no secret that society’s collective need for speed has made everyone a little more impatient. We have fast food and faster internet connections, as well as instant likes and feedback on your social media posts. Carpool lanes and express lanes are mainstream on the road and at the grocery store. And […]

Why Does Withdrawal from Opiates Make You Sick?

If you have become dependent on opioid drugs, you are probably keenly aware that if you suddenly stop using, you will feel sick. You may experience these feelings of sickness because your brain has adjusted fully to the opioids and has stopped producing its own natural painkillers as a response. Opioid withdrawal sickness happens in […]

The Difference Between Being Drunk and Being High on Opiates

Opiates are prescription narcotics and illicit drugs made from the opium poppy plant. Opiates include heroin and painkillers like morphine, hydrocodone, fentanyl and oxycodone. Intravenous opiate use, such as heroin injection, produces a powerful euphoric rush, but prescription narcotics can give users a strong high even when used to treat pain.1 Alcohol, like opiates, increases […]

Can Opiates Affect My Memory?

Opiate addiction affects users differently, but one of the most troubling problems is the way it damages memory, especially short-term memory. You may struggle to process information if you abuse opiates, but you can recover if you seek professional help to get and stay clean. How Opiate Abuse Affects Memory The reason scores of people […]

How Percocet Affects Your Eating Habits and Appetite

When you begin taking a new drug, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects. Unfortunately, many medications can cause side effects. Percocet, a narcotic painkiller,is no different and can cause a particularly daunting list of problems. Using this drug can change eating habits and appetite, which may cause ongoing issues for […]