Counseling for Hostage Victims

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a potentially devastating disease that frequently leads to substance abuse and other psychological distress if it is not treated. Hostage victims usually experience some form of PTSD and can benefit from specialized counseling. If patients seek specialized counseling and also take appropriate medications for their troubling symptoms, they have incredibly […]

Trauma Wounds and Addiction

“If you knew how excruciatingly uncomfortable it is to live in my own skin, you would understand why I do not want to be present in my body and in this world.” Anonymous Some version of this statement is, unfortunately, a heartbreakingly common thought often expressed by someone coping with addiction. It is also heartbreakingly […]

Across All Styles of Music, Drug Use Has Remained a Familiar Refrain

By Christa Banister Clichés are often clichés with good reason. One that has definitely stood the test of time is that drug and alcohol use often goes hand in hand with rock ’n’ roll. While there’s certainly no shortage of decibel-cranking songs where everything from cocaine to crystal meth to heroin is name checked in […]

Meth & Cocaine Addiction Overtaking Opioids in Georgia

Meth and cocaine have been making a comeback, and in a big way here in Georgia. Did you know there has been a 250% rise in meth and cocaine-related deaths nationwide in the past several years? And Georgia has seen yearly meth-related deaths triple from 2010 to 2018. Even 20% of fatal police shootings in […]