Black Bear Lodge, is located in northern Georgia and offers a transformative recovery experience amid the beauty of serene forest foothills. It is a place of solace from the chaos that substance abuse and mental health issues can bring into a person’s life.

Black Bear Lodge in it's secluded and peaceful setting

Our walking trails provide a therapeutic hiking experience both led by professional counselors or for those who enjoy a moment of solitude and communion with nature. In fact, one of the most common pieces of feedback with get from clients is how the closeness to nature helped them in their recovery journey.

We’ve created an environment here at Black Bear Lodge that helps our clients feel like they are on a vacation with friends and family. Our therapeutic program can be very challenging for clients – working through shame, guilt, painful memories, near-death experiences – none of which is easy. The homey feel works to offset those challenges and makes clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Fireplace at Black Bear Lodge

This is our main lodge and one of the first rooms clients will enter as they come up to the lodge. It’s almost impossible to feel stressed in this kind of setting.

Inside the main lodge

Our rooms are comfortable and cozy. There’s no better place to relax after an intense individual or group session with our therapists.

Bedroom at Black Bear Lodge

For special occasions, we also have a theater where residents can watch material that will help with their recovery, or just wind down in the evening.

Inside the theatre

Black Bear Lodge at Sunset

Black Bear treatment facility

Black Bear Lodge entrance

Yonah Mountain elevation sign