4 Myths about Prescription Pill Abuse You Need to Know

How many times have you heard similar questions from your son or daughter (even if they don’t exactly articulate it out loud)? You’re not alone; prescription pill abuse has become a public health crisis in Georgia, and across the United States. Over 130 Americans die every day of an opioid overdose, and in 2017, there […]

How to Help an Alcoholic Child

How to Help an Alcoholic Child As a parent, realizing your son or daughter’s drinking problem may have transitioned into alcoholism can be devastating. Alcoholism is a disease that can tear a family apart and can take once-healthy relationships and throw them into chaos. However, there are ways to help your child overcome this disease. […]

4 Risks of Stopping Your Medication Cold Turkey

The human body is always attempting to maintain homeostasis or balance, and for this reason, many medications that are taken for a long period of time cause the body to adapt and change. Therefore, stopping a medication, like clonazepam, abruptly can sometimes unbalance the system and can lead to uncomfortable and possibly dangerous withdrawal symptoms. […]

What Clonazepam Addiction Does to a Person

Sold under the brand name Klonopin, clonazepam is a powerful relaxant prescribed for anxiety, panic attacks and some seizure disorders. When a person abuses clonazepam, there can be a number of side effects. Like Xanax, Ativan and Valium, this drug is highly addictive. Learning more about clonazepam, it’s side effects and symptoms of addiction can […]

Four Steps to Take after Recovering from a Prescription Drug Overdose

An overdose can be a sign that it is time to evaluate your drug use and begin to take action. An overdose is not something to hide or bury under continued substance use. Your life may depend on connecting with other people who want to support your wellness. If you have overdosed on a prescription […]