How Does Euphoric Recall Contribute to Relapse?

On This Page: Addiction Process Euphoric Recall Danger Getting Help Addiction is both a physical and psychological disease. While many people mistakenly believe that addiction is primarily a physical attachment to a substance of abuse, the reality is that people become addicted through both physical and psychological channels that are intrinsically related. With both physical […]

What to Do If Someone Relapses

On This Page: Addiction is a Disease Why Relapse Happens Recognizing Relapse Denying Relapse Finding Help As the family member or friend of someone who is struggling with addiction, it’s easy to become frustrated by your loved one’s repeated attempts to quit.1 It’s easy to think that if they really wanted to stop, they would. Don’t […]

Rediscovering Life without Clonazepam

Taking clonazepam as part of a doctor-prescribed plan for controlling seizures or anxiety can help you cope and remain healthy on a daily basis. However, the drug is habit forming, and you may find you are overusing or abusing the drug or have become dependent due to long-term use. There are serious physical, emotional and […]

Will Going Back to Rehab Really Work?

By Cindy Coloma Larry hangs up the phone and lets out a long, deep sigh. His drug screening just came back positive, which means he’ll miss out on his dream job. In an instant, he’s overcome with hopelessness, fear and shame and feels exhausted down to his bones. It seems like nothing will ever change. […]

Approaching Outpatient Care with Alex Dorsey and Ashley Buchanan

On this episode of Recovery Unscripted, we welcome two guests who can give us an inside look at the role outpatient treatment plays in the overall recovery journey. Alex Dorsey leads the admissions team for Foundations Recovery Network’s 13 outpatient facilities nationwide, and Ashley Buchanan serves as a patient care coordinator for Black Bear Lodge. […]