Approved Items List

PLEASE BRING: Picture identification card, Insurance card (if applicable), Information for the Insurance Subscriber: Name, Contact Information, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth (if applicable), Pharmacy benefit card/RX Card (if applicable)

  • Comfortable, non-revealing clothing
  • Sturdy bottom shoes, appropriate for mountain terrain. Thong flip-flops are not permitted. Shower slides may be worn for traveling to the pool.
  • Appropriate swimwear: no Speedos or thong-style suits. A cover/shirt must be worn to and from the pool.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and /or sunhats
  • All medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc. must be approved by Black Bear Physician and are maintained by staff. Medications should be in the original bottle with a pharmacy label, if applicable, and not expired. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc. (including multivitamins) will be reviewed by a medical provider and approved on a case-by-case instance. All items should be in the original, unopened container and not expired.
  • Approved medications must be inappropriately labeled bottles (your name, medication name, dosage, frequency). Please fill prescriptions for non-addictive medications prior to admission.
  • Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are locked in the Black Bear safe, and will not be made accessible during the course of treatment unless approved by the facility.
  • Patients are provided access to facility phones during designated times. Cell phones are maintained with locked patient valuables and available for accessing phone numbers only upon admission.
  • Please bring enough cigarettes with you. We do not provide cigarettes nor do we purchase them for patients. There is not an opportunity to purchase tobacco products while in treatment.
  • Cigarettes, vaping devices with a closed or open pod system, and smokeless tobacco are acceptable. Smokeless tobacco and vapes will be used in the same manner as regular cigarettes. You may have nicotine products mailed to you. No vape juices or oils, loose-leaf tobacco, or rolling papers are permitted. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE IN NEW UNOPENED PACKAGING UPON ADMISSION. OPEN PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

Prohibited Items

  • “Short” shorts or skirts, tops that expose the midriff in any position, tops with straps, revealing clothing, clothing with alcohol, derogatory, sexual or drug logos, clothing that promotes gang themes.
  • Thong flip-flop style shoes are not permitted and will be returned to luggage. Please be mindful that our campus has an uneven terrain when selecting footwear.
  • All narcotics, sedatives, muscle relaxants, etc.
  • Weapons/pocket knives
  • Aerosol cans
  • Perfumes or toiletries containing alcohol (i.e.: nail polish remover, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, etc.)
  • Body building/dietary supplements (i.e. Creatine, protein powders, etc.)
  • Automobiles
  • IPODS, MP3 players, Laptops, Pagers, computers, DVD’s, PDA’s, Walkman’s, Video games, Camera’s, Televisions, Digital Readers (Kindle), Smart Watches (Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.), Fit Bits
  • Open vape devices, vape juices or oils, loose leaf tobacco, and rolling papers are prohibited.

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