Approved Items List

PLEASE BRING: Picture identification card, Insurance card (if applicable), Information for the Insurance Subscriber: Name, contact Information, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth (if applicable), Pharmacy benefit card/RX Card (if applicable)

  • Comfortable, non-revealing clothing
  • Sturdy bottom shoes, appropriate for mountain terrain. Thong flip flops are not permitted.
    • Shower slides may be worn for traveling to the pool.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and /or sunhats
  • Appropriate swimwear:
    • Women: one Piece Swimsuit (must cover mid- section)/Men : No Speedos)
  • All medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc. must be approved by Black Bear Physician and are maintained by staff. Medications should be in the original bottle with a pharmacy label, if applicable, and not expired. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc. (including multivitamins) will be reviewed by a medical provider and approved on a case-by-case instance. All items should be in the original, unopened container and not expired.
  • Approved medications must be in appropriately labeled bottles (your name, medication name, dosage, frequency). Please fill prescriptions for non-addictive medications prior to admission.
  • Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are locked in the Black Bear safe, and will not be made accessible during the course of treatment unless approved by the facility.
  • Patients are provided access to facility phones during designated times. Cell phones are maintained with locked patient valuables and available for accessing phone numbers only upon admission.
  • Please bring enough cigarettes with you. We do not provide cigarettes nor do we purchase them for patients. There is not an opportunity to purchase tobacco products while in treatment.
  • Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are acceptable. Smokeless tobacco will be used in the same manner as regular cigarettes. You may have cigarettes mailed to you. Vapes and E-Cigarettes are allowed.  View our policy

Prohibited Items

  • “Short” shorts or skirts, tops that expose the midriff in any position, tops with straps, revealing clothing, clothing with alcohol, derogatory, sexual or drug logos, clothing that promotes gang themes.
  • Thong flip-flop style shoes are not permitted and will be returned to luggage.
  • All narcotics, sedatives, muscle relaxants, etc.
  • Weapons/pocket knives
  • Aerosol cans
  • Perfumes or toiletries containing alcohol (i.e.: nail polish remover, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, etc.)
  • Body building/dietary supplements (i.e. Creatine, protein powders, etc.)
  • Automobiles
  • IPODS, MP3 players, Laptops, Pagers, computers, DVD’s, PDA’s, Walkman’s, Video games, Camera’s, Televisions, Digital Readers (Kindle), Smart Watches ( Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.), Fit Bits
  • Oils, loose leaf tobacco, and rolling papers are prohibited

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