Would you like to find out more about our treatment program and what we can do for you at Black Bear Lodge?

Our admissions process begins with a single phone call. Our admissions coordinators give free, confidential assessments in order to provide you with detailed information about your insurance benefits and treatment options. Call us today at 706-914-2327 to get started.

Family Mediation Services

Do you need help finding a family mediator? We are connected to a network of professional interventionists who work with families every day to help loved ones get into treatment.

We can even match you with an interventionist who has expertise in your particular situation. An interventionist can provide the necessary guidance, structure and strategy for your family’s healing process, and an intervention is not simply a one-time event. Having an intervention involves a longstanding commitment to setting proper boundaries, using effective communication and moving away from enabling behaviors. An interventionist may be the perfect person to help you and your loved ones regain balance and positivity in what can be a very negative and divisive situation. Call us at 706-914-2327 today for a free assessment and an intervention referral.

Exclusion criteria for admission

  1. The individual exhibits suicidal or homicidal ideation with a plan and intent to carry out the plan, indicating a need for acute hospitalization
  2. Disruptive psychosis to the extent that the individual is unable to care for himself or is a threat to others
  3. When the patient is in need of urgent medical care due to detoxification or other medical issues
  4. Medical equipment needed to support the individual may be beyond the scope of a sub-acute facility
  5. The individual cannot safely navigate the environment of care for his own personal needs
  6. The individual does not voluntarily consent to admission or treatment

Admission Forms

Please fill out this form prior to admission:

Referral Services

If for some reason we cannot place you at Black Bear Lodge, we have referral relationships with other treatment centers around the country so that we can offer you more choices. Our goal is to help every person who calls us. We want to make sure that you have a treatment program that fits your specific needs and financial capability.

It never hurts to call us and find out what we can do for you. At Black Bear Lodge, our commitment to patient-centered care means we put your needs first.