How Does Lorazepam Addiction Affect the Brain?

While the physical signs of lorazepam addiction are typically noticed first, the mental and psychological effects are most long-lasting. As a benzodiazepine (a psychoactive drug family of depressants) lorazepam can be used to treat anxiety. Anxiety and other psychological disorders are caused by an excessive amount of nerve activity in the brain. Lorazepam works by stimulating […]

Can Clonazepam Cause Anxiety?

Clonazepam is a commonly prescribed medication to treat anxiety disorders, so it may seem strange at first glance to ask if it can cause anxiety; it may seem like an anxiety medication that causes anxiety is like a headache medication that causes headaches. Clonazepam does not usually cause anxiety and is actually very effective in […]

Clonazepam’s Role in Treating Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar illness is a chronic condition with a wide range of possible symptoms. The National Alliance on Mental Illness notes that in addition to the alternating periods of elevated and depressed moods which primarily characterize the disorder, possible symptoms include anxiety, irritability and difficulties with sleep. Because of the wide range of symptoms, doctors often […]

Can Clonazepam Affect My Memory?

Clonazepam is one of the most highly prescribed drugs in the country. People who have anxiety disorders or bipolar disorder use this medication to manage their mental illness. However, as with any prescription drug, there are side effects associated with clonazepam such as respiratory difficulties, loss of appetite, and insomnia. One of the most concerning […]

7 Drug-Free Ways to Manage Anxiety

By Becca Owens For many people, anxiety can feel like a crippling hindrance to a normal and happy life. In fact, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults nationwide each year — just over 18 percent of the adult population.1 If you struggle with anxiety, finding relief through benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, Klonopin or Ativan can […]