Counseling success

Recovery is a lifelong journey.

That means the treatment process should prepare an individual for a whole future life of hope and health. To us, treatment isn’t just about getting clean and sober—it’s about rediscovering life and solidifying one’s identity in recovery.

There are innumerable reasons why Black Bear Lodge is different from other treatment centers, but we will focus on just a few. Black Bear Lodge is part of the Foundations Recovery Network family of treatment centers, and we practice FRN’s evidence-based, time-tested methods of treatment.

Our integrated treatment model.

We are known for treating co-occurring disorders, or the presence of both addiction and mental health concerns. This is also known as a Dual Diagnosis, but many treatment centers are only capable of addressing either an addiction or a mental health issue—not both in the same setting. Because our services are integrated to treat both conditions, we can give patients the best chance at long-term recovery.

Research shows that our patients have more than twice the rate of success in achieving sobriety one year post-treatment than those who attend traditional programs, according to the national average for sobriety rates (SAMHSA, 2005).

Our relational philosophy.

We partner with patients in their own recovery using a process called Motivational Interviewing. Patients get to set their own goals and our treatment teams work to help them achieve those goals. We believe that lifetime relationships foster long-term recovery, and we meet patients where they are with an attitude of acceptance and nonjudgment. We build the foundation for a patient’s recovery, and he or she is equipped with the tools to build his or her new life.

Our research.

We focus on the body of information from the treatment industry as a whole as well as our own research outcomes, and we use both to inform our methods. We are always working to find the most proven treatment methods and the most innovative approaches available in order to provide patients with high quality, effective treatment.



What makes Black Bear Lodge different?

Our outcomes in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders and preparing them for lifelong recovery speaks for itself. Call us today to find out more about who we are and how we can help you.