Counseling success

Recovery is a lifelong journey.

To us, treatment isn’t just about getting clean and sober — it’s about rediscovering life and solidifying our patients’ identity in recovery. We believe each patient’s treatment should prepare them and their loved ones for a hopeful and healthy future. At Black Bear Lodge, we take this seriously and continually stand apart from other treatment centers.

We offer patients and their families evidence-based, time-tested methods of treatment. Ours system of care puts the patient at the center of treatment and was developed following federal guidelines for co-occurring treatment, evidence-based treatment methods and our own internal research.

Our integrated treatment combines mental health and addiction treatment methods to address each patient’s needs to ensure recovery starts with us but doesn’t stop after they leave our facility.

Our Integrated Treatment Model

We are known for treating co-occurring disorders, consisting of both addiction and mental health concerns. This can include conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and others in addition to a drug or alcohol addiction. This is also known as a dual diagnosis, but many treatment centers are only capable of addressing either an addiction or a mental health issue — not both in the same setting. At Black Bear Lodge, we employ integrated treatment methods, which are specifically designed to tackle co-occurring disorders, by combining mental health and substance abuse treatments with all health professionals collaborating in one setting. Because our services are integrated to treat both conditions, we can give patients the best chance at long-term recovery.

Black Bear Lodge meets and exceeds the standard outcomes of integrated treatment, and we have allowed our patient outcomes to shape the entire patient experience and journey.

Our Relational Philosophy.

We partner with patients in their own recovery using a process called Motivational Interviewing. Patients get to set their own goals and our treatment teams work to help them achieve those goals.

We believe that lifetime relationships foster long-term recovery, and we meet patients where they are with an attitude of acceptance and nonjudgment. We build the foundation for a patient’s recovery, and he or she is equipped with the tools to build his or her new life.

Our Research.

We focus on the body of information from the treatment industry as a whole as well as our own research outcomes, and we use both to inform our methods. We are continually working to find the most proven treatment methods and the most innovative approaches available in order to provide patients with high-quality, effective treatment.

Our research department and activities are reviewed by an independent institutional review board and approved and registered by the Department of Health and Human services. We are also LegitScript and NAATP certified. These organizations vet and rigorously monitor healthcare providers, like ourselves, and hold us to the highest industry standards, which we gladly meet and exceed. Our hardworking and caring staff are behind this accreditation and are ready to help unravel the complexities that come along with the recovery process. For more details on our research, refer to

What makes Black Bear Lodge different?

Black Bear Lodge’s outcomes in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders and preparing them for lifelong recovery speak loud and clear. Our philosophies demonstrate our commitment to patient-centered care by upholding the belief that everyone has the ability to recover in a nonjudgmental environment. We strive to motivate our patients through recovery and walk alongside them in this lifelong journey. We don’t tell our patients what successful recovery means. “Success” is defined by each patient and their family, however they choose to measure it.

Our patient outcomes are collected from patient surveys and research and consistently reveal that we deliver high-quality care to each of our patients and their loved ones. Patients also report high satisfaction with our quality of care, which involves the most effective treatment administered by our caring staff, who are always available to address specific patient needs.

Our promise to our patients is that they will remain the center of our program, and we will uphold our ethical commitments in everything we do. We continue to demonstrate this by listening to our patient needs and revisiting our methods, so each patient gets the most effective treatment available.

If you or someone you love is interested in learning more about treatment at Black Bear Lodge, call us today at 706-914-2327 to find out more about who we are and how we can help you.

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