Families are our most immediate support systems, and integrating family into the treatment and rehabilitation process is an important part of our philosophy at Black Bear Lodge. Loved ones are often just as much in need of compassion, attention, and encouragement as the addicted individual. The corporate recovery of the family can promote life and wellness in a way that few other things can.

Addiction and untreated mental health issues throw life out of balance for every person in the family system. Each person takes on a different role in order to compensate for the unhealthy condition of the addicted individual. Some get angry and try to control the situation; some enable the addict to protect him or her from devastating consequences; some withdraw or turn away to avoid getting drawn into the conflict. With the family system out of balance, everyone learns dysfunctional patterns of behavior in order to save themselves from the pain that the disease of addiction is causing. There are a number of things that families can learn which will help them heal. Our goal is to teach families healthy ways to communicate, how to identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors, the dangers of codependency, the development of new coping skills and the incorporation of positive beliefs and patterns.

An integral part of our approach is a belief in acceptance without judgment. Family members may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the behavioral health issues of the addicted individual, and deep wounds can complicate the recovery process for everyone. Our desire is to open the door for each person to take responsibility for his or her actions without shame, guilt or resentment—and to find healing in forgiveness and the commitment to a new life. When each person feels equipped with the tools to create a better quality of life for him or herself, the family can create healthy boundaries and encourage one another in the healing process.


Black Bear is proud to offer a Family Information Night on Wednesday evenings for family members and support systems. This will be held from 5:30-7PM ET.

Program Topics

The weeks will rotate on the following topics:

Week 1:

  • Disease of Addiction
  • MAT
  • Co-occurring disorders

Additional Resources

Week 2:

  • Co-dependency
  • Boundaries

Week 3:

  • Aftercare

Week 4:

  • Family agreement
  • Support system self-care, support and resources.


The zoom link for loved ones to join is: https://uhsinc.zoom.us/my/blackbearlodge?pwd=czcxSkliaVNUaDJENzRlUG5hS1ZlZz09

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