Not All Addiction Treatment Programs Are Created Equal

This has gone on long enough. It’s hard enough to balance everything in life without constantly reminding him to stop drinking. You are not alone when it comes to navigating how to start your husband on the road to recovery. Getting your husband into treatment for alcoholism isn’t only about him getting sober — it’s about […]

Ultimatums Aren’t Always the Ultimate Solution

Things had been going fine. It was all fine. Until… it wasn’t. There was a fight. It wasn’t supposed to be, but it was. It started out simply talking about us, then turned into being about the alcohol, his job, our kids… Something was said and we lashed out. He found the bottle he had […]

Are Painful Memories of Trauma Linked to Addiction?

Is addiction hereditary? Is it caused by peer pressure? What about poverty or toxic stress? All of these can play a part, but there is another factor that often stands out.  Maybe that’s why we also see so many mental health issues underlying substance abuse and addiction from prior experiences. Sexual or physical abuse that […]

What Form of Treatment is Best For You?

What are all these different levels of treatment? Medication assisted therapy, family therapy, experiential therapy, detox, PHP, IOP, 12-step programs, outpatient? It’s like having to learn a whole other language, and then figuring out which one might work best. It can be overwhelming and confusing, can’t it? You’ve probably seen all of these options before […]