Discrimination and Drug Abuse Risk: The Link

Understanding drug abuse, addiction and how the whole problem begins is an ongoing subject of investigation for scientists, and a recent study sought to shed some light on the “why” of addiction and substance abuse. According to a study published in the Journal of Urban Health, those who experience high rates of discrimination in their […]

What You Don’t Know About Synthetic Drugs

“Synthetic substances” is a term used to describe a huge selection of black market drugs manufactured for the purpose of creating the same effects as marijuana and hallucinogens. They go by the name of bath salts, incense, spice and K2 on the street, and they have recently been banned from store shelves in a number […]

Federal Drug Sentencing Changes in the Works

Attorney General Eric Holder is making some big changes in the Justice Department. According to the Associated Press, Holder intends to alter how nonviolent drug offenders are currently prosecuted in the courts – specifically, he says that any persons who are not connected to a gang or drug organization and are charged with low-level drug […]