4 Risks of Stopping Your Medication Cold Turkey

The human body is always attempting to maintain homeostasis or balance, and for this reason, many medications that are taken for a long period of time cause the body to adapt and change. Therefore, stopping a medication, like clonazepam abruptly can sometimes create unbalance in the system and can lead to uncomfortable and possibly dangerous […]

The Dangers of Self-Medicating Chronic Headaches

On This Page: Stress and Tension Headaches Facts About Lorazepam Prescription Drug Abuse and Chronic Headaches Medication-Free Headache Remedies Finding Treatment Chronic headaches are debilitating, and without a satisfactory treatment option, some people may seek to manage the pain on their own. Stress and Tension Headaches The daily hassles of life cause headaches in some […]

How Opiates Affect Your Eating Habits and Appetite

For people struggling with pain after surgery, injury, or as part of a plan for chronic pain management, the short-term use of opiates can provide needed relief. But for people who use the drugs for longer periods of time or in larger amounts than prescribed, opiates quickly become a drug of addiction. Opiates are naturally occurring […]