Not sure if you or your designated driver are okay to drive? Did a couple of drinks with dinner turn into one too many?

Now there’s an app for your smartphone that will help you answer that question definitively and ensure the safety of the driver and his or her passengers after a night out, says Reuters.

The App

You’ll need an attachment that plugs into the headphone jack for your phone to make this application – called Breathometer – work. You or your DD blow into the device and an ethanol sensor embedded in the app will determine the alcohol content on the breath within seconds. This device is small – small enough to carry on a keychain – and the sum cost is about $49, a tiny sum compared to the cost of DUI, arrest, court costs, hospital bills, etc.

Extra perks: If the BAC is high, the app comes equipped with a GPS to track the person’s location and can even call a cab if the person is too intoxicated to drive. It can also estimate how long it will take for the alcohol to process through the person’s system and sober up.

Naysayers are concerned about the accuracy of the device, fearing that people may falsely believe that they are not impaired when, in fact, they are.

It’s not the only device of its kind on the market, but it’s a growing industry designed to help prevent drunk drivers from taking the risk of getting behind the wheel.

Drunk Driving

It’s not uncommon for those who binge drink to become intoxicated but not feel that they are unable to drive. A drink over appetizers, a couple glasses of wine with dinner, a couple of cocktails, or aperitifs afterward can all add up to four or five drinks – the definition of a binge – yet it can happen in the context of a socially acceptable night out. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents on the road – accidents that can end the life of the driver, passengers in the car, or others on the road.

A Sign Help Is Needed

If someone continually drives while under the influence, it can be a sign that they need treatment. One of the signs of an addiction is an inability to quit despite obvious negative consequences. If you feel that your loved one would benefit from rehabilitation, contact us at Black Bear Lodge today at 706-914-2327 and find out more about our options in comprehensive care.

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