A Guide for Adults Returning to School After Recovery

By LiveYourDream.org The decision to return to school is a daunting one. If substance abuse or other health issues have interrupted your education, you’ll often face unique barriers to going back to school. You may be thinking, “How can I possibly get a degree while raising a family, working full-time and continuing my recovery? And […]

The Rise of Synthetic Opioids in Georgia

By Cindy Coloma The state of Georgia has weathered its fair share of challenging circumstances over the years. After rebuilding from the Civil War and Great Depression, residents of the Peach State emerged with new hope for the future, welcoming the 1996 Summer Olympics and corporate giants such as CNN and Coca-Cola, both of which […]

Even Opioid Users Experiences High Rates of Recovery in Inpatient Rehab

A study published recently in the Journal of Social Work in Public Health showed that even opioid users, who come to rehab with even greater challenges than users of many other substances, fare well and maintain recovery after treatment. The research, by Foundations Recovery Network clinician Siobhan A. Morse and others, found “More similarities than […]