Kratom: Healing Plant or Harmful Drug?

By Wesley Gallagher With the opioid epidemic at crisis levels, officials are on high alert for new drugs showing up on the market. Substances like fentanyl have surfaced with devastating consequences as drug users seek new and different ways to fulfill their needs and desires. One substance, called kratom, is actually a centuries-old substance that […]

4 Ways to Earn Trust Back in Recovery

By Jim Woods When you’re in recovery, you may feel like a brand-new person — especially when you first leave treatment. As your brain heals from addiction, you begin to think more clearly and make better decisions. But while you might feel completely changed, your family members and other loved ones may see things from […]

14 Reasons Running Is Good for Recovery

By Thomas Tjornehoj Quitting substances is only the beginning of the journey in recovery. Staying clean after drug detox and rehab is the true test. Living independently, unsupervised and confronted with countless temptations to go back to what’s all so familiar and comfortable will challenge your resolve. But an activity like running (or other similarly […]

Your Recovery Story: How and Why You Should Share It

By Wesley Gallagher According to a recent article in The New York Times, approximately 21 million Americans suffer from substance abuse, and an average of 175 people a day die from overdose. Despite the growing epidemic, there’s still a culture of silence around addiction and a stigma surrounding drug and alcohol abuse. It’s often seen […]

Should You Go Home for the Holidays in Recovery?

By Alanna Hilbink Holidays are marketed as a time of joy and togetherness. Everywhere you look, you see images of smiling, laughing families gathered around dining tables and piles of presents — with no sign of family drama, stress or the individual challenges a person may face. But the truth is, not all families celebrate […]