Stress Management with Meditation and Acupuncture

Stress in relation to addictions is a given in our modern day lives, stress management skills are critically important during early recovery as well as ongoing sobriety. Learning how to manage day-to-day stress is one of the most powerful steps you can make towards developing optimal health. Beyond a doubt, stress overload is hazardous to […]

What Is the ‘Recovery Movement’ and Why Should Addicts Care?

Something had to change. For many years, alcoholics and drug addicts felt unable to ask for help for their illnesses. Going to rehab was seen as a badge of shame – mainly because society was not prepared to acknowledge addiction as a medical disorder and not a mental failing. Not only was the public and […]

Navigating Employment Post Treatment

The transition to everyday life after addiction treatment can be challenging. The key is to be informed and to have a plan. When you go back to work, you may wonder what to tell other employees. Establish good habits. When in recovery, developing good habits and breaking free of unhealthy habits is essential to your […]

How to Be the Only Sober One in the Room

It’s often said that the real work involved in recovery doesn’t begin until after rehab. There are numerous reasons why recovery is hardest after returning home. But perhaps the most obvious reason is because this is when you have to figure out how to live as this new, sober person. You must put to use […]

Relapse Prevention Techniques

It can be very difficult to sustain any type of permanent lifestyle change, and in addiction treatment, a return to substance abuse is all too common. It is important to understand the difference between one-time use or a lapse and a full-blown return to addiction, which is considered a relapse. Relapse is not a failure, […]