Stress in relation to addictions is a given in our modern day lives, stress management skills are critically important during early recovery as well as ongoing sobriety. Learning how to manage day to day stress is one of the most powerful steps you can make towards developing optimal health. Beyond a doubt, stress overload is hazardous to your health, as a recovering addict you are at an additional risk from the detrimental effects of stress.

Here is a checklist of drug use and their effects on the body. These include substances such as:

Alcohol – A central nervous system depressant which is as potent as many illegal drugs

Cocaine – A powerful central nervous system stimulant in which heavy use of the drug can be physically harmful

Amphetamines – A strong nervous system stimulant which can lead to severe anxiety and paranoia

Opiates – Used to reduce pain which can cause death by the respiratory system

A way to work effectively with addictions is to build a close family & friendship relationship in which we sense a spirit of unity. Each person can be loved and respected as a distinct, unique soul while at the same time theres a sense of common purpose and sharing.

There are a few techniques you can try out and adapt them sensibly to your own situation.

A wellness naturopathic oriented lifestyle serves as an effective buffer against stress overload in many ways. Things such as regular exercise can help us calm down and balance normal energy states when we experience stressful situations.

Meditation for exercise is a great way to experience a way to calm the mind and body from stress. Here is a meditation exercise you can use and experiment with.

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair. Make sure you will not be disturbed during this exercise.
  2. Close your eyes and let your breathing become natural.
  3. Begin silently repeating the word “one”. Keep repeating it over and over through this exercise as you focus on your breath. As you become aware of other thoughts and feelings, simply let them go and bring your awareness back to your chant of the word “one”.
  4. After anywhere between ten and twenty minutes of meditation, stop repeating the word “one” and gradually bring your awareness back to your immediate surroundings.
  5. Open your eyes and get back into your routine for the day.

Your meditation sessions can run anywhere between ten to thirty minutes depending on what is comfortable for you.

To derive maximum benefit from this simple exercise you should try and practice it twice a day. You can practice this with family or friends to create a whole family atmosphere with other people dealing with the same addictions as you. By developing a mutual interest together which benefits the group as a whole you can build stronger relationships with yourself and others.


How to sooth your body tension from the effects of substance abuse with acupressure

Step 1: Apply finger tip pressure on the carotid sinus (just above the Adam’s apple). Hold for a slow five count. Breathe deeply. Press once more. Let your breath out. Repeat the process at least 3 times, you should do this on both sides of your neck.

Step 2: Locate the body ridge at the base of the skull. The ridge runs from ear to ear. Run your fingertips across it. Note the painful areas in the overlying scalp. Apply pressure on each. Repeat this at least 3 times with increasing amounts of pressure, though do not be to rough.

Step 3: Solar plexus pressure. Place the fingertips of both hands into your solar plexus area. Expel air from your lungs. Apply pressure. Hold for a slow count then release, you can repeat this three times.

Step 4: Excite Pericardial meridian. Grasp the tip of your third finger and squeeze then pull. Repeat alternatively five times on each hand

Remember that fatigue and stress are normal parts of our lives. To defeat tiredness, stress and fatigue in our lives there are certain acupressure points you can utilize to restore full functions of your energy and go-power that you desire. By touching key acupuncture points from your feet to your head you can energize yourself for action.

There is a workout you can use to generate self power based on acupuncture points in your body.  Here is the run down on the one minute self acupressure you can apply at any time.

Step 1: Rub the palms of your hands briskly for five seconds

Step 2: Now rub your warmed palms up and down your cheeks, do it briskly

Step 3: Pitter-pat the top of your head with the flat of your hands each for five seconds

Step 4: Cup the hand in a loosely bound fist. Tap vigorously up and down the inside and outside of each arm

Step 5: Gently apply pressure on the thyroid gland (below the adams apple) between your thumb and index finger, three times only

Step 6: Press on one carotid artery for the count of five. Release and breathe deeply then re-apply

Step 7: Place your thumb at the base of your skull (where the head sits on the spinal column) Press and hold for a 3 count then release. Repeat the process three times

Techniques of acupressure for the feet

Step 1: Pinch the tip of the great toe. Then compress the ball on your big toe, then rub it away

Step 2: Grasp the achilles tendon tightly. Hold then release. Repeat three times

Step 3: Briskly run the top of your foot with your hand or with the heel of your other foot

By encouraging ourselves to trying out new acupuncture and mediation techniques we can develop a sense of security while practicing more effective communication skills with others to deal with our addictions.

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