At Black Bear Lodge, our goal is to motivate and enlighten you on your journey to recovery. Since recovery is a lifelong venture, we want to reaffirm you with encouragement to both start and continue on that path. Here we have provided some inspiring essays and videos contributed to us by renowned poet-philosopher Noah benShea. […]

No Shame in Shouting for Help

I wake early, sometimes very early. I have been in this habit since I was a kid. When I asked my mom in her later years if she remembers me doing this as a child, she said, “Oh yeah.” And when I asked her why she thought I did this, she answered, “You were always […]

Black Bear Rebirth

Every story has a beginning. The triumph of every story is still being written. What we see in life often reflects what we choose to see. And while it is easy to see the beauty surrounding Black Bear Lodge, it is also easy to be blinded by the beauty and miss this message in the […]

Black Bear Spirit Guide

Every story has a beginning. The triumph of your story is still being written. In each of our lives, there are moments when we feel alone, hurt or lost. If the burdens and isolation of addiction meet you for your morning coffee, follow you throughout the day or tuck you in at night, now is the […]