At Black Bear Lodge, our goal is to motivate and enlighten you on your journey to recovery. Since recovery is a lifelong venture, we want to reaffirm you with encouragement to both start and continue on that path.

Here we have provided some inspiring essays and videos contributed to us by renowned poet-philosopher Noah benShea. We hope you are empowered by Noah’s reflections on the atmosphere of healing and peace at Black Bear Lodge. Freedom from addiction and the healthy management of mental health conditions is possible, but you have to take the first step to seek help—and we can take that first step with you. Black Bear Lodge is a place of hope, a place to embrace positive change and to discover the opportunity to live a powerful life in recovery.

We are inspired by Noah’s words, by our beautiful environment and, most of all, by you.

Inspiring Videos

Inspiring Essays

In each of our lives there are moments when we feel alone, hurt, and lost. If the staggering burden and isolation of addiction meets you for your morning coffee, burns into you at high noon or tucks you in at night, now is the time to meet your spirit guide.

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What we see in life often reflects what we choose to see. And while it is easy to see the beauty surrounding Black Bear Lodge, it is also easy to be blinded by the beauty and miss this message in the timeless landscape: Rebirth is a birthright.

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By Noah benShea
Guest Contributor

Articles posted here are primarily educational and may not directly reflect the offerings at Black Bear Lodge. For more specific information on programs at Black Bear Lodge, contact us today.