Why Many Elderly People Who End Up in the ER with Pain (From a Fall or Any Injury) Are Ending Up Addicted to Opioids

By David Heitz When a high school athlete ends up in the emergency room with a broken bone, often that event becomes their introduction to opioids. The next thing you know, they are that “regular kid who turned to heroin.” Fortunately, help is available for everyone. And guess what? Elderly people who end up in […]

The History of the Opioid Epidemic

It is no surprise that opioid use continues to rise in the United States. As a result, much effort in the mental health field is going toward providing helpful and educational resources on this problem. It’s important to learn the history of opioid use, including how it began and why it has become such a […]

Terrorism vs. the Opioid Epidemic

Every day, breaking news seems to bring new threats. Many people comment that our world is moving quickly and that violence and extremism are ever-present dangers. Visible images from television and the Internet often leave people anxious and concerned. Will terrorism ever end? Will we be able to experience a sense of safety—and for that […]