Is Motivational Interviewing Right for You?

Motivational interviewing, also known as Motivational Enhancement Therapy or MI, uses a stages-of-change approach that has been proven effective in treating alcohol addiction and substance abuse. It is a client-centered, goal-oriented approach to counseling, with the objective to increase a person’s intrinsic motivation for behavior change through the exploration and resolution of ambivalence, according to […]

Nutrition’s Role In Recovery

Who remembers learning about the food pyramid in school, or before that studying the different food groups and using pictures of meats, breads, dairy, fruits and veggies to create balanced meals? As we were growing up, we were told, “food is fuel,” “you are what you eat,” and “milk does a body good.” Then we […]

The Truth About Suicide and Mental Illness

Despite our growing understanding and efforts to educate, there is still plenty the public doesn’t know about mental illness. There is an ongoing stigma and a wealth of misinformation when it comes to the topic. This was made clear following the recent suicide death of actor Robin Williams. The shocking celebrity loss sparked discussions online […]

Mind Over Matter

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you can dream it, you can become it. Don’t worry, be happy. We’ve all heard these inspirational sayings meant to spur us on to bigger and better things or help us hold on when we feel like we’re at the end of rope. They may work for […]