Behavioral Cues that Could Indicate a Substance Abuse Problem

Each person who becomes addicted develops the disease for different reasons, which can vary based on his or her unique circumstances. As to what those reasons may be, we’ve learned that addiction develops through some combination of biological, behavioral, social and environmental factors.1 Knowing about these situational factors has helped us develop more targeted treatments […]

How Drinking Costs the U.S. Economy

In addition to the human toll it takes, excessive alcohol consumption is helping to drain our country’s coffers and we’re all paying the price. It would seem like full bars at happy hour would be a boon for the economy. Even at a discount, drinks are pricey, and we’ve been told frequently that if consumers […]

Substance Abuse Treatment, Gender & Future Employment

Gender issues are a hot topic in today’s culture, whether its pay inequality, sexual harassment or gender identity, everyone has an opinion, and the conversations can get heated. It’s no surprise to learn that gender affects employment opportunities, especially in certain male-dominated fields, but how does the type of substance abuse treatment that women get […]

The Facts On Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning — when a person’s blood alcohol level gets so high that necessary life functions begin to fail — is a preventable, yet highly fatal condition.1 Around six times every day, someone in the U.S. dies of alcohol poisoning after drinking too much in a single binge.2 Over three-fourths of those deaths are men, […]