During detox, the brain has the opportunity to learn how to function, even when Ativan isn’t present. It’s a time for healing, to be sure, but it can also be a slightly dangerous time, as the drug causes intense damage to the cells of the brain. In fact, Ativan detox can be so dangerous that medical supervision is an absolute necessity.

Serious Symptoms

Ativan slows electrical activity inside the cells of the brain, and when it is removed, those sleeping cells can begin trading impulses at a fast and frenetic rate. Sometimes, people feel just a little jumpy and nervous, but there are times when the symptoms grow more serious and harder to ignore. For example, in an article in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, researchers report on the case of an older woman who developed symptoms of mania while she was attempting to leave a benzodiazepine habit behind.

During an episode like this, people might:

  • Jump from thought to thought
  • Make rash decisions regarding money or relationships
  • Become violent
  • Hallucinate

A manic episode like this could have all sorts of serious consequences, but Ativan detox can also lead to much more severe complications. For example, in the American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers outline the case of a woman who took very small doses of Ativan for a long period of time. When this woman tried a rapid form of detox, she developed a series of seizures. People can lose their lives during a seizure like this, or they could develop subtle forms of brain damage that are slow to abate.

Better Options

Typically, serious symptoms like this take hold when people take a fast-and-furious approach to detox. Rather than allowing their bodies to adjust in a slow and steady manner, they force their brain cells into a whole new reality that they’re just unprepared for. It’s not safe, and it’s not really healthy either. Instead, it’s best to allow a professional to design a detox program that can bring relief without causing physical pain or life-threatening complications.

In an Ativan detox program, professionals work hard to determine how much the person has been taking on a daily basis. Then the team might provide a replacement medication at a similar dose. The brain might need a day or two to adjust to the new medication, and then, a slow and steady tapering schedule begins. Each day, the person takes just a little bit less of the medication until the person isn’t taking any drugs at all.

It can take months for some people to complete an Ativan detox program, as each little step down in dose might fill them with pain and distress. It’s perfectly acceptable for people to take their time with this process and move slowly. In fact, most experts want their clients to move slowly through Ativan detox, under the qualified supervision of a medical professional, so the person emerges from the process both healthy and ready to work on long-term sobriety.

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