Detox is an important first step in the recovery process for anyone struggling with addiction. During detox people have the opportunity to rid themselves of drug toxins and get sober, perhaps for the very first time. As the drugs leave the body process mental clarity sets in followed by a deep-seated resolve to fight back against the addiction.

Unfortunately, the withdrawal process for people who have an Ativan (lorazepam) addiction isn’t straightforward.1 People like this can’t simply give up the drug cold turkey and then work on maintaining their sobriety for the rest of their lives. Ativan addiction detox and recovery can take months, and only then might those who struggle be ready to move to the maintenance stage of the treatment process.

Ativan Addiction Treatment

Doctor talking with patientRather than asking addicted people to leave all Ativan pills behind, it’s common for providers to develop a tapering schedule for their clients. In the early stages, these people might take the same dosage level of lorazepam that they’ve always taken, but over subsequent weeks, that dosage might get smaller and smaller. As tapering moves forward, clients work closely with their doctors and report any symptoms they might be feeling or struggling with. If those symptoms become too severe, the tapering process might pause to allow the brain time to adjust, and then continue at a slower pace.

Taking more of the same drug that caused the addiction for a longer period of time may seem counterproductive. But the symptoms of Ativan withdrawal can be so severe that many addiction professionals choose to proceed with caution. Conditions like insomnia where Ativan was used to treat symptoms often return or are made worse during drug withdrawal. Ativan withdrawal has also been associated with other symptoms like anxiety, nervousness, muscle pain, and hostility. The tapering method can help reduce these types of side effects and make them easier to deal with when they appear.

Ativan withdrawal has also been known to cause seizures. In these cases, without proper treatment withdrawal can be fatal. That’s why medically supervised detox is so important. The proper medical attention during the process can keep dangerous withdrawal symptoms from growing worse.

Importance of Treatment

Reading about Ativan withdrawal symptoms can be frightening. In some cases, the details can inspire those who struggle with addiction to keep on using drugs. But the people who continue to abuse Ativan are still at risk of serious consequences. Not addressing the addiction can increase the risk of death from overdose or a number of other complications. The continued abuse of Ativan to avoid withdrawal symptoms is never a wise choice. Through medically-supervised detox, the process happens slowly and safely. Trained medical staff provide 24-hour medical monitoring, medications to ease symptoms when appropriate and a calm environment. Those who struggle with Ativan addiction enjoy the peace of mind knowing that withdrawal is happening in a safe way.2

Finding Help for Ativan Abuse

At Black Bear Lodge, we provide a comprehensive detox program for people who have Ativan addictions. When that process is complete, we provide in-depth educational therapies that can help you to prevent addiction relapse. We also address any underlying mental health conditions contributing to or causing the addiction. Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day at 706-914-2327 to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.


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