Your decision to seek treatment for addiction changes the course of your future. This is why it is so important to pick the right location for drug rehab and recovery. Choosing the best setting for drug rehabilitation requires a careful consideration of your options.

The state of Georgia offers hundreds of rehab facilities. Whether you live in this state or are interested in traveling for treatment, Georgia is an ideal recovery destination. Here, you will find the privacy and discretion you are looking for. You will enjoy inspiring views of nature. You will have access to the resources and attractions that Georgia’s major cities have to offer.

Black Bear Lodge in the snow

Addiction Treatment Resources in Georgia

Georgia offers opportunities for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Both state-funded and private treatment centers are available in the state’s major communities. The US Department of Health and Human Services1 shares that in 2010 Georgia had over 243 treatment facilities and helped over 18,928 patients. These facilities offered an array of services run by and offered to both specific and general populations. For example among these facilities, the following was true:

  • 80 were operated by private, non-profit organizations
  • 85 were operated by private, for-profit organizations
  • 26 were run by local, county or community government agencies
  • 42 were operated by the Georgia state government
  • 10 were run by the federal government (four by the Department of Veterans Affairs and six by the Department of Defense)

The services offered by these and other Georgia treatment centers vary from one facility to another. One hundred thirty of these facilities offered substance abuse treatment services. One hundred offered a combination of mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Other rehab services included the following:

  • Outpatient treatment (provided at 191 facilities)
  • Intensive outpatient care (provided at 84 facilities)
  • Partial hospitalization (provided at 47 facilities)
  • Outpatient detox (provided at 41 facilities)
  • Methadone therapy (provided at 42 facilities)
  • Residential care (provided at 70 facilities)
  • Residential detox services (provided at 19 facilities)
  • Hospital residential treatment (provided at 18 facilities)
  • Hospital residential detox (provided at 17 facilities)

No matter your recovery needs, you can find the type of treatment you need in Georgia. As the future approaches, you will have access to even more and better options. Georgia recently received a grant to expand treatment offerings.

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities2 explains this will allow the state to, “expand access/bed capacity of residential services for individuals with an opioid use disorder…, establish funding to support the infrastructure of recovery transitional housing, [and] Expand/develop recovery support services for individuals with an opioid use disorder.” The state already offers many treatment options. Now it can offer even more and better services.

Choosing Georgia as Your Setting for Recovery

As you research treatment centers in Georgia, think about what you need to maximize your chances of a successful recovery. Do you feel more comfortable in a familiar urban area, where you have easy access to conveniences and transportation? Or does the thought of a remote, peaceful setting call to you? The state of Georgia has several major metropolitan areas, each of which has its own unique style and pace of life.

As the capital city of Georgia, Atlanta is a hub of state government, business, culture, and history. It is a modern, bustling city with a wealth of opportunities for treatment and recovery. It offers state-funded and private residential rehab centers. Choosing to recover in Atlanta means you have access to all of the city’s major attractions and amenities in addition to care from top therapists.

Augusta is the second largest metropolitan area in Georgia. It is a center of state history. It is also a center for healthcare and healing. This city offers an array of treatment resources from community facilities to state-run rehab centers and nonprofit programs to luxury treatment facilities.

Columbus is another major metropolitan hub. Columbus residents can take advantage of state-funded, privately operated, and religiously based addiction treatment programs. A number of private treatment centers offer substance abuse services on a residential or outpatient basis.

Savannah, Georgia, is famous for its architecture, cultural events, and colorful history. It is the oldest city and provides an elegant, scenic setting to match. Savannah is a major city with a full range of addiction treatment options. Rehab facilities within the city provide detox services, outpatient treatment, and residential care. Private treatment centers are available as are state-funded services and nonprofit organizations.

Athens is a youthful college town. It has a creative atmosphere and a growing urban center. It offers a wide range of treatment services for alcohol and drug addiction, including privately funded rehabs, non-profit recovery centers, and community health facilities.

You can find the best location for your unique recovery needs. Choose one of the cities listed above, or find secluded treatment centers just outside of these metropolitan areas.

Finding the Right Treatment Type

Once you choose a setting, it is time to determine the best treatment type. There are advantages and disadvantages to each level of addiction treatment. As you compare the facilities in your area, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would residential treatment or outpatient services work best for you? Outpatient treatment is generally more flexible and affordable. Residential treatment is more structured and focused.
  • Do you need mental health services as well as substance abuse treatment? If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or another psychiatric disorder, you need a treatment program that integrates mental health care with drug or alcohol rehab.
  • Do you have coexisting health conditions that require care? Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or severe alcoholism require more intensive monitoring typically in a hospital or residential setting.
  • Have you been to rehab before? If you’ve tried rehab in the past without success, you’re not alone. Most substance users relapse multiple times before finding their way to lasting recovery. If you’ve had multiple relapses, you may benefit from a structured, supervised environment that is removed from the stresses of your daily life.

Err on the side of choosing more intensive treatment than you think you need. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse3 shares, “With a substance use disorder—as with any other medical condition—treatment must be long enough and strong enough to be effective…Even though symptoms may already have subsided, substance abuse treatment must continue for a sufficient length of time to treat the disease. Under-treating a substance use disorder—providing lower than the recommended level of care or a shorter length of treatment than recommended—will increase the risk of relapse.” You don’t have to know exactly how much or what type of treatment you need. You aren’t the medical or addiction health professional. Choose a more intensive program, and ask for help. Initial assessments will ensure you are placed in the best setting and best location for your recovery. They help professionals create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Black Bear Lodge?

Georgia offers a wide variety of addiction treatment options within its major metropolitan areas. It also offers escape from the stress and chaos of your day-to-day life. Black Bear Lodge is nestled in the foothills of northern Georgia. Its forested, haven-like setting will soothe and inspire you. The serenity of the Appalachian Mountains and the privacy of our resort-like facility will help you stay focused. Far from the stressors of the city and the distractions of home life, you can find the inner peace you’ve been looking for. Rehab at Black Bear Lodge is a truly transformative experience. To create personalized treatment plans for our clients, we draw on recovery resources such as the following:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Grief/loss therapy
  • Expressive therapies
  • Experiential therapy
  • Nutrition and wellness counseling
  • Psychoeducational groups

Through intensive one-on-one counseling, holistic therapies, and behavioral modification therapy, you’ll find the support you need to complete the healing process. Talk with us to learn if our setting and services are right for you or a loved one. Call 706-914-2327 and learn more about our state-of-the-art, individualized rehab programs.


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