You seem like you know how to take on a challenge. During your stay at Black Bear Lodge, you’ve faced and completed them all day in and day out. Establishing healthy habits? Check. Tackling experiential therapy? Check. Battling the bad days? Check. Answered hard questions? Check. Made new friends? Check. Set higher goals? Check. You’ve made it this far and are nearing the end of your time with us, but we’ve got one last challenge for you: Life. (Don’t worry, we’re doing this one together.)

We’ve seen you do some pretty amazing things here, and just because your time at treatment is ending, we plan to continue coming alongside you to remind you of past victories and celebrate new milestones. Whether your challenge is getting out of bed in the morning, reconnecting with a loved one or making strides towards a personal goal, we are here to help you see it through. Our alumni program provides valuable opportunities to connect with others in recovery and a vast network of potential friends, advocates, and mentors. Together, we break down the barriers that keep us from fully experiencing life, and create relationships for long-term recovery.