What Is the ‘Recovery Movement’ and Why Should Addicts Care?

Something had to change. For many years, alcoholics and drug addicts felt unable to ask for help for their illnesses. Going to rehab was seen as a badge of shame – mainly because society was not prepared to acknowledge addiction as a medical disorder and not a mental failing. Not only was the public and […]

Have Synthetic Alternatives Become More Dangerous Than Actual Marijuana?

Addictive, mind-altering substances are becoming more and more commonplace. Everywhere you turn, new substances threaten to contribute to the growing addiction problem we’ve been seeing in the U.S. and abroad. In fact, it’s estimated that roughly one in every ten Americans is dependent on some chemical intoxicant,1 which puts this epidemic into perspective. We’ve amassed […]

How to Be the Only Sober One in the Room

It’s often said that the real work involved in recovery doesn’t begin until after rehab. There are numerous reasons why recovery is hardest after returning home. But perhaps the most obvious reason is because this is when you have to figure out how to live as this new, sober person. You must put to use […]

Against the Odds: How to Sustain Your Sobriety After Rehab

There’s a common misconception people often have about addiction recovery. Even though there’s been a huge spotlight on the disease model of addiction, many people still presume that an addict only needs to go to rehab for 30, 60 or maybe 90 days to kick an alcohol or drug addiction for good. If a person […]

Yes, Cannabis Is Addictive, and You May Be Genetically Predisposed to It

Although some die-hard believers in the medicinal benefits of marijuana will argue this truth to no end, plenty of evidence already exists showing cannabis can be addictive 1. Now researchers have identified specific alleles on the human genome that are associated with cannabis dependence risk, and have shown “evidence of genetic overlap between cannabis dependence […]