Against the Odds: How to Sustain Your Sobriety After Rehab

There’s a common misconception people often have about addiction recovery. Even though there’s been a huge spotlight on the disease model of addiction, many people still presume that an addict only needs to go to rehab for 30, 60 or maybe 90 days to kick an alcohol or drug addiction for good. If a person […]

Yes, Cannabis Is Addictive, and You May Be Genetically Predisposed to It

Although some die-hard believers in the medicinal benefits of marijuana will argue this truth to no end, plenty of evidence already exists showing cannabis can be addictive 1. Now researchers have identified specific alleles on the human genome that are associated with cannabis dependence risk, and have shown “evidence of genetic overlap between cannabis dependence […]

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Although the addiction recovery process is a journey that can take many different courses, going to rehab is often seen as the best option. There’s definitely an argument to be made that clinical programs are the most effective means of regaining one’s sobriety, but it’s actually the many different treatment modalities incorporated into rehabilitative programming […]

Behavioral Cues that Could Indicate a Substance Abuse Problem

Each person who becomes addicted develops the disease for different reasons, which can vary based on his or her unique circumstances. As to what those reasons may be, we’ve learned that addiction develops through some combination of biological, behavioral, social and environmental factors.1 Knowing about these situational factors has helped us develop more targeted treatments […]

The Addiction Epidemic No One Is Talking About

J. was 16 when he started abusing painkillers. A decade later, he and most of his close friends have been in and out of rehab. J. grew up in Madison, Conn., a small coastal town that in 2013 boasted a median household income of $105,000.1 Known for its miles of beaches and quaint downtown, the […]