Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Finding the Right Fit

The ins and outs of treatment aren’t general knowledge to most people. When it comes to addiction, much of our education is on a “need to know” basis. That means that once you determine that you or a loved one needs treatment, there are decisions to be made, and you may be scrambling for information. […]

Tips for Avoiding Relapse Triggers During the Holidays

For those in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, there are certain times that are more emotion-filled, leaving them at greater risk for relapse. Easing back into “real life” after treatment can be hard enough, but the holidays can bring reality crashing back in at top speed. Emotions can go into overdrive as a result […]

The Role of a Family Mediator

Mediation may seem like a strange term to use when talking about addiction and intervention, but it can play a key role in the process. In a legal sense, mediation is a formal process for resolving disputes with two or more parties, producing concrete effects or action steps. Mediators can be helpful in a variety […]

Is Motivational Interviewing Right for You?

Motivational interviewing, also known as Motivational Enhancement Therapy or MI, uses a stages-of-change approach that has been proven effective in treating alcohol addiction and substance abuse. It is a client-centered, goal-oriented approach to counseling, with the objective to increase a person’s intrinsic motivation for behavior change through the exploration and resolution of ambivalence, according to […]

Nutrition’s Role In Recovery

Who remembers learning about the food pyramid in school, or before that studying the different food groups and using pictures of meats, breads, dairy, fruits and veggies to create balanced meals? As we were growing up, we were told, “food is fuel,” “you are what you eat,” and “milk does a body good.” Then we […]