Approaching Outpatient Care with Alex Dorsey and Ashley Buchanan

On this episode of Recovery Unscripted, we welcome two guests who can give us an inside look at the role outpatient treatment plays in the overall recovery journey. Alex Dorsey leads the admissions team for Foundations Recovery Network’s 13 outpatient facilities nationwide, and Ashley Buchanan serves as a patient care coordinator for Black Bear Lodge. […]

Continuing the Work of Recovery After Residential Treatment

By Alanna Hilbink If you’re considering treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you might be wondering how much time and effort recovery will take. Or maybe you’re already in residential treatment and just want to know what’s next. What’s best for you, your recovery and your long-term health? Wherever you are on the path to […]

Fighting Loneliness to Avoid Relapse and Find the Best You

By Becca Owens Many people who choose to get help for addiction come home to a celebration from friends and loved ones. But returning to normal life can cause a certain loneliness to set in. While everyone around you continues on with their own routines, you’re living life in a whole new way. The early […]

8 Ways to Support a Family Affected by Addiction

By Stephanie Thomas We’re all quick to recognize the burdens of others, especially those that can’t be helped. A cancer diagnosis, major surgery, even the inevitable exhaustion of a newborn all warrant a loving and actionable response. And so we call, we visit, we follow up. When it comes to loving the families of those […]

4 Ways to Earn Trust Back in Recovery

By Jim Woods When you’re in recovery, you may feel like a brand-new person — especially when you first leave treatment. As your brain heals from addiction, you begin to think more clearly and make better decisions. But while you might feel completely changed, your family members and other loved ones may see things from […]