Common Challenges of Raising Kids When You Have ADHD

When I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD several years ago, many aspects of my life suddenly made a whole lot more sense, including my sometimes less-than-stellar attempts to parent my four children. As a then-divorced mom with full custody of the kids, the majority of the child-rearing tasks fell to me, along with trying to […]

Why Is Family Therapy an Important Part of a Recovery Curriculum?

Addiction is a progressive, chronic illness that’s unique compared to other diseases. One of the characteristics that makes addiction so unusual is that it’s both a physical and psychological disease, which is why overcoming it can present such a challenge. Those who become addicted to mood-altering substances invariably suffer from many severe effects — physical, […]

Nature vs. Nurture: Is the Disease of Addiction Genetic?

As a disease, addiction is as complex as it is indiscriminate. While many individuals might feel that they would never or could never allow themselves to become dependent on alcohol or drugs, nobody ever intends to become an addict. It’s not a conscious decision, but rather an unfortunate converging of seemingly disparate variables. As we […]

Taking the Fear Out of Rehab

Rehab is something you absolutely don’t need to be afraid of. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not filled with bleak hallways and cell-style rooms where people sit in circles, shamefully revealing their stories and repenting the various misdemeanors that come with a life of addiction. In fact, many people report having very positive […]