What is Sobriety?

Most of us think of sobriety and we think the dictionary definition, the act of not drinking. While this definition is often enough for persons who are not in recovery, it is nowhere close to spanning the depth and scope of the word and its meaning to those in recovery. As a recovering alcoholic or […]

Stress Management with Meditation and Acupuncture

Stress in relation to addictions is a given in our modern day lives, stress management skills are critically important during early recovery as well as ongoing sobriety. Learning how to manage day to day stress is one of the most powerful steps you can make towards developing optimal health. Beyond a doubt, stress overload is […]

Common Challenges of Raising Kids When You Have ADHD

When I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD several years ago, many aspects of my life suddenly made a whole lot more sense, including my sometimes less-than-stellar attempts to parent my four children. As a then-divorced mom with full custody of the kids, the majority of the child-rearing tasks fell to me, along with trying to […]

Why Is Family Therapy an Important Part of a Recovery Curriculum?

Addiction is a progressive, chronic illness that’s unique compared to other diseases. One of the characteristics that makes addiction so unusual is that it’s both a physical and psychological disease, which is why overcoming it can present such a challenge. Those who become addicted to mood-altering substances invariably suffer from many severe effects — physical, […]