The Rise of Opioid Use Across the United States

The chronic nature of opioid relapse, and a reluctance of many addicts to seek help, means a new, comprehensive approach to treatment is needed. Researchers often say an opiate addict’s best chance at long-term recovery includes medication-assisted therapies, such as methadone or buprenorphine as well as psychological treatment.

Yes, Cannabis Is Addictive, and You May Be Genetically Predisposed to It

Although some die-hard believers in the medicinal benefits of marijuana will argue this truth to no end, plenty of evidence already exists showing cannabis can be addictive 1. Now researchers have identified specific alleles on the human genome that are associated with cannabis dependence risk, and have shown “evidence of genetic overlap between cannabis dependence […]

Behavioral Cues that Could Indicate a Substance Abuse Problem

Each person who becomes addicted develops the disease for different reasons, which can vary based on his or her unique circumstances. As to what those reasons may be, we’ve learned that addiction develops through some combination of biological, behavioral, social and environmental factors.1 Knowing about these situational factors has helped us develop more targeted treatments […]