Appalachia: The Cradle of the Opioid Epidemic

By Tamarra Kemsley Running diagonally from New England all the way down to northern Georgia and Alabama, the Appalachian region of the United States is a treasure trove of scenic trails and roads winding through forest-coated hillsides. Beneath that pristine canopy of leaves, however, many residents are caught in a battle for their lives. From […]

Why Many Elderly People Who End Up in the ER with Pain (From a Fall or Any Injury) Are Ending Up Addicted to Opioids

By David Heitz When a high school athlete ends up in the emergency room with a broken bone, often that event becomes their introduction to opioids. The next thing you know, they are that “regular kid who turned to heroin.” Fortunately, help is available for everyone. And guess what? Elderly people who end up in […]

Even Opioid Users Experiences High Rates of Recovery in Inpatient Rehab

A study published recently in the Journal of Social Work in Public Health showed that even opioid users, who come to rehab with even greater challenges than users of many other substances, fare well and maintain recovery after treatment. The research, by Foundations Recovery Network clinician Siobhan A. Morse and others, found “More similarities than […]