The Importance of Community and Recovery

Millions of people live and thrive in addiction recovery. There is an active and vocal community of survivors and their loved ones. It is a community you or your loved one can join. This community is essential for maintaining and enjoying sobriety. It is essential for immediate and long-term mental health. The U.S. Surgeon General[1] […]

2016 Recovery Recap: Moments that Brought Awareness to Addiction

Due to growing rates of substance abuse — both in the United States and abroad — each year seems to bring even more disturbing addiction-related headlines than the last. However, there’s actually been quite a lot that happened in 2016 besides the just growing opioid addiction epidemic. In particular, we have a new president-elect, our […]

Against the Odds: How to Sustain Your Sobriety After Rehab

There’s a common misconception people often have about addiction recovery. Even though there’s been a huge spotlight on the disease model of addiction, many people still presume that an addict only needs to go to rehab for 30, 60 or maybe 90 days to kick an alcohol or drug addiction for good. If a person […]