Every story has a beginning.
The triumph of your story is still being written.

In each of our lives there are moments when we feel alone, hurt, and lost. If the staggering burden and isolation of addiction meets you for your morning coffee, burns into you at high noon or tucks you in at night, now is the time to meet your spirit guide. Nothing feels better than finding your way to feeling better.

Across time, in Native American culture, the black bear has been acknowledged as a child of the Great Spirit. And for thousands of years, the black bear served as the definitive spirit guide for the Cherokee Indians who lived in the mountains where Black Bear Lodge is nestled.

This guide was a guardian of transformation, a guiding light to the warrior within, an ally and sage for what any seeker might become. At Black Bear Lodge your spirit guide waits and welcomes. Every story has a beginning. The triumph of your story is still being written.

At Black Bear Lodge we honor and respect that tradition and welcome the brave souls who are looking to leave the darkness and come into their light.

At Black Bear Lodge we honor the truth that all self-transformation requires self-witnessing. And in the spirit of the Cherokee shamans, we honor the inner guide’s teaching that achieving truth requires only that you seek the truth and face it.

At Black Bear Lodge, we honor the timeless spirit that is in each of us, ignored by too many of us, and calls to all of us. Only the silence hears. Quiet yourself and you will hear.

There is a tradition among the Cherokee concerning a hidden lake, high in the upper reaches of the mountains surrounding Black Bear Lodge. It is said that every creature living in these woods knows of these powerful healing waters where they can go to heal their wounds.

Stories told around campfires by the Cherokee and passed between generations tell us that, when a black bear was wounded in life struggles, the bear would make its way to this hidden lake, enter the cooling waters, and swim to the opposite shore. And when the black bears came out from the waters, they were healed of all their wounds.

Some may discount this as only myth, but scholars remind us: “Myths are public dreams. And dreams are private myths.” And the legend of the Cherokee is no myth if you enter the healing dream.

The desire to feel better, to heal, to move from dark memory to visions of light is a right in every life. Exercise your right to heal. At Black Bear Lodge, there is a spirit guide waiting.

At Black Bear Lodge, there are healing forces waiting to lend you the strength to be strong and to lend you the vision to find your healing and emerge into the light born on the other side of darkness.

If you know someone suffering from addiction, remind them that there is healing at Black Bear Lodge.

If you love someone suffering from addiction, remind them there is open-hearted power at Black Bear Lodge.

If you are suffering from addiction, you are not doomed in a dream. You are only dreaming that you are forever lost. Find us at Black Bear Lodge, and you will find yourself in a better place. Promise.

Black Bear Lodge…learn about us, visit us.

Be a caring guide to your good spirit.

And you will find you are not alone.

Noah benShea
Copyright April 30, 2014

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