Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until After the Holidays to Get Your Loved One Help

The holiday season is upon us, along with all the joys and stresses it may bring. End-of-year festivities and gatherings often mean increased stress for families touched by addiction. That’s why it’s especially important to remain aware and proactive if addiction has impacted your family. While good communication before family gatherings can help prevent relapse […]

What to Do When a Friend’s Drinking Becomes a Problem

By Cindy Coloma Your friend Penny likes to relax with a glass of wine after a long day at work. Lately she’s increased that to two glasses, and sometimes she polishes off a bottle throughout the evening. On Friday and Saturday nights, she goes out with friends, then takes Sunday to “sleep it off.” The […]

How to Deal With Relapse in the Wake of Disaster

By Martha McLaughlin During a disaster, many urgent tasks demand attention. But for people recovering from addiction, it’s important not to lose sight of recovery tasks as well. Both logistical and stress-related factors may increase the risk of a relapse when disaster happens, whether it’s because local damage blocks access to needed care or because […]

How to Let Go of the Past and Love Yourself in Sobriety

By Jenni Deming Mister Rogers. Just hearing his name conjures up good feelings. You can almost see him putting on his cozy sweater, tying up his sneakers and speaking wisdom with his characteristically calm voice. Now imagine growing up with everyone’s favorite neighbor as your parent or closest friend. You’d have a self-esteem guru by […]

How America Is Fighting the Drug Crisis and Why It Isn’t Working

By Wesley H. Gallagher In 1971, President Richard Nixon officially declared war on drugs. This war would be fought with law and order, as the government dramatically increased resources devoted to criminal prohibition of drug use and sales. Between 1980 and 2003, the population of drug offenders in the state prison system grew twelvefold.1 Despite […]